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Objet30 Prime

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Material Options

System Features

Material Cartridges:

Sealed four 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) cartridges


Net build size:
11.57 x 7.55 x 5.85 in.


Layer thickness:
16 microns (0.0006 in.); 28 microns for Tango materials (0.0011 in.)


0.1 mm (0.0039 in.) may vary depending on part geometry, size, orientation, material and post-processing method


Size and weight:
Machine: 32.28 × 24.4 × 23.22 in.; 205 lbs
Tray size: 11.81 × 7.87 × 5.9 in.


Support materials:
SUP705 (WaterJet removable)
SUP706B (soluble)

Workstation compatibility:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8


Jetting heads:
2 printing heads; SHR (Single Head Replacement)


Power requirements:
Single phase:
100-120V~; 50-60Hz; 7A
200-240V~; 50-60Hz; 3.5A


Regulatory compliance:


Operational environment:
Temperature 18 C-25 C (64 F-77 F); Relative Humidity 30-70% (non-condensing)


Recommended Support Cleaning System:
Super DT3 or CSIIP and Objet WaterJet