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From Ideation to Approval: Streamlining the Product Design Process

November 16, 2020 3D Printing Webinars

Featuring Stratasys, KeyShot and Priority Designs

Stratasys brought together a panel of product designers to discuss how they are using today’s leading technologies to get better products to market faster.

See how models that once took weeks to produce can now be created overnight into full CMF prototypes that add immeasurable value to the stakeholder visualization process and speed approval times.

Watch the product development process of a Bluetooth Smart Speaker and learn how Priority Designs goes from concept ideation and sketch (Wacom Cintiq) to visualization and render (KeyShot) to putting full CMF detailed design models in stakeholders’ hands (Stratasys® J55™ 3D printer), faster than ever before.

Posted by Heather Adams

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