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J750 Digital Anatomy Printer: materials and software with the Stratasys healthcare team.

April 1, 2020 3D Printing Webinars

Learn about the Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy Printer from the experts on the Stratasys healthcare team. We’ll be reviewing 5 of our most commonly printed and requested anatomies: myocardium, gel support/vessel wall, long bone, annulus, and tumor.

Attendees will learn about how Stratasys’ advanced GrabCAD Print software takes a simple STL and generates a complex interior structure in order to accurately recreate anatomical models and they will be able to take home a sample printed on a Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy Printer. We will also review published data on various 3D printed digital anatomies that are commercially available today and how they compare to native tissue.

Posted by Heather Adams

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