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Water Pressure Cleaning Stations

Below is a list of Water Pressure Cleaning Stations

scaWaterjetThe Oryx scaWaterjet is a water jetting spray booth capable of coarse and fine support material removal for various AM processes. The capability to be plumbed direct or used stand-alone with an included mobile water tank allows for industrial uses or difficult-to-plumb situations such as offices.

It features a gasketed window with internal mount wiper blade assembly for clear view of the LED-illuminated work area, ergonomically-considered front cabinet design & gloved ports for operator part handling, with two water-jetting spray wands – both capable of high- and low-pressure operation to fit the needs of support removal for your delicate and rigid parts alike.

The covered mobile support frame minimizes collection of shop debris and dust inside the cabinet, while also allowing for a sit/stand option for operators, with easy access to the pump and holding tank.

Download the scaWaterjet brochure.


Oryx sca3600The Oryx sca3600 is a large industrial and high throughput solution for removal of soluble support materials on 3D printed parts. It provides demonstrated options to perform support removal on multiple materials such as ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, PEEK, etc.

In removing support for FDM/FFF and Material Jetting processes, such as PolyJet or extrusion technology, the sca product family provides a wide range of predefined machine settings and is fully compatible with all soluble support material concentrates, from water to caustics. It further provides the user with the appropriate level of agitation to balance the needs of heavy removal while maintaining critical dimensions on delicate or intricate part geometry.

With additional features that include a simple electronic interface for preset temperature & time, easy part loading & unloading, and durable stainless-steel tank for caustic support removal operations, the sca3600 is your finishing solution!

Download the sca3600 brochure.