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BaseThe patent-pending BASE offers the largest envelope in PostProcess’ Support Removal series of machines and delivers uniform, high-quality results for every part, regardless of geometry, with short cycle times to meet high-volume production needs. The BASE removes supports from the following 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLA, PolyJet, CLIP, and more. The BASE provides delicate to robust support removal with higher throughput using Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology to ensure complete part coverage. The system is ruggedly designed for the largest additive manufactured parts, with an envelope measuring 53″ L x 30″ W x 32″ H.

PostProcess’ proprietary Volume Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology, a series of high volume and flow jet streams spraying bidirectionally coupled with perpendicular linear motion for mechanically assisted support removal, ensures fast cycle times with virtually no damaged parts. Because of the high-volume (200 GPM), low-pressure system (35 PSI), parts feel a powerful yet gentle, all-encompassing flow of detergent that also keeps the part in place. Once applied, the constant force felt by the part reduces the risk of damaging parts. One result of the bi-directional jetting action is the part remains stationary and avoids any potential collisions that a circulation tank may subject parts to damage.

By combining PostProcess’ proprietary AUTOMAT3D™ software program with precisely controlled energy and exclusive eco-friendly detergents, the BASE delivers consistent, hands-free support removal for 3D printed parts. Our solution accelerates your operations with features like intelligent cycle time programming, customizable settings, one-touch repeatability with recipe storage, and pre-programmed preventative maintenance schedules.

PostProcess thought of all the ways to make your post-printing more efficient – built-in rinse capability to ensure detergent and residue are eliminated after the supports have been removed, a counter-weighted vertical sliding door, and a viewing window into the LED lighted chamber. Utilizing noise reducing features for a low dBa, the BASE All Process ensures minimal additional noise is added to your production floor environment.

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