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Desktop Metal

//Metal and Compostite 3D printing systems covering the full product life cycle - prototyping to mass production.

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Up to 10x cheaper than comparable laser-based systems. With purchase and subscription pricing options, it’s the only metal 3D printing system that is cost-effective for engineering. Plus materials are up to 80% cheaper than the metal powders required in laser-based systems.

*Studio System

End-to-End Solution*

Unlike other systems that require 3rd party equipment, this system was designed as a complete workflow. Every stage of the process is fully automated and managed by sophisticated software, making it simple to go from CAD to part.

*Studio System

Easy to Use*

Designed from the ground up for simple installation and use. Hand-removal of supports, fast material changes, office-friendly sintering and web-based software are just a few of the ways Desktop Metal is making metal 3D printing more accessible.

*Studio System