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Desktop Metal

//Metal 3D printing systems covering the full product life cycle - prototyping to mass production.

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Up to 10x cheaper than comparable laser-based systems. With purchase and subscription pricing options, it’s the only metal 3D printing system that is cost-effective for engineering. Plus materials are up to 80% cheaper than the metal powders required in laser-based systems.

*Studio System

End-to-End Solution*

Unlike other systems that require 3rd party equipment, this system was designed as a complete workflow. Every stage of the process is fully automated and managed by sophisticated software, making it simple to go from CAD to part.

*Studio System

Easy to Use*

Designed from the ground up for simple installation and use. Hand-removal of supports, fast material changes, office-friendly sintering and web-based software are just a few of the ways Desktop Metal is making metal 3D printing more accessible.

*Studio System

Currently in development, Live Parts™ is an experimental technology that applies morphogenetic principles and advanced simulation to auto-generate part designs in minutes. Desktop Metal's vision for Live Parts is to enable users to quickly realize the full potential of additive manufacturing—including material and cost efficiency, and design flexibility.

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