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AdvancedTek is a true partner. If we are out of material they are there. If our machine has an issue they are there. I always know they will have our back no matter what.

-J. Waffensmith, 3D Printing Customer

I call AdvancedTek and within minutes they have either provided me with a fix for software or settings issue or set up a time for their service tech to come on site and get us back working again, usually within a couple hours of my call.

-J. Printy, Xerox Customer

The folks I have worked with at AdvancedTek have always gone out of their way to help our little non-profit create the very best printed materials at the lowest possible price. In those rare instances when our printers were having problems, AdvancedTek always came to our rescue and got us up and running with creative, thoughtful, and highly personalized solutions. We think of our friends at AdvancedTek as an integral part of our communications team who model service industry best practices while maintaining a vested interest in our success.

-L. Jenson, Xerox Customer

I was surprised at how eager AdvancedTek was to make a functional part, not just a successfully printed one.

-D. Moreland, 3D Printing Customer

Every time a service issue has cropped up your service tech and staff were right there to sort it out for us. Short down time during our time sensitive work is a great deal.

-J. Grunloh, 3D Printing Customer

AdvancedTek provides quality products and service. Their staff is friendly and helpful. We especially appreciate the eConcierge program AdvancedTek offers. This provides an easy way to check our machine’s supplies and order products. The service they provide is excellent.

-J. Benzen, Xerox Customer

AdvancedTek made the experience wonderful from beginning to end, very professional. I highly recommend!

-T. Dennison, 3D Printing Customer

AdvancedTek took the time and the trouble to take us under their wing and show us the capabilities and limitations of additive manufacturing. Once we had direct access to the technology, we found additional benefits such as "breakaway" components that saved more expensive components in a malfunction, as well as the ability to provide on-demand printing to replace parts same day without inventory.

-M. Kirschenman, 3D Printing Customer

Thank you, it was the best training that I have had in years, Mike did an awesome job. We really got a lot from the class and enjoyed our time there. [referring to an AdvancedTek Advanced Training Class]

-Product Design Engineer, Iowa Manufacturing 3D Printing Customer